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10 Charming Travel Experiences in Boston in Spring

Aww springtime! Such a promising time of year. The snow has melted. The sun shines a little brighter. The flowers start peeking out from beneath the earth. The boots, scarves, mittens and heavy coats get packed away. And you are ready to swap time spent indoors with some outdoor activities. You’re also ready to travel stress-free now that the winter weather has moved on out, making it much less likely you’ll face weather delays. That being said we have a delightful destination in mind to head to! The city – Boston, Massachusetts. The activities to partake in when you arrive – plentiful. We chose ten of our favorite travel experiences to highlight in this week’s blog. From amazing aquatic life to popular public parks to farm fresh food and fabulous flora and fauna – you’ll soon discover that Boston in Spring has a little bit of everything!


Take a Pleasant Stroll in the City

Want to experience the historical significance of the city through the eyes of a local? No problem! Beyond Times Square has plenty of professional – and expert – tour guides who cannot wait to show off where history was made in their hometown. With our Discover Boston tour you will embark on a four hour private introduction to  “Beantown” that includes stops at historical sites such as the Old North Church where “one if by land, two if by sea” became perhaps one of the most famous sayings in history books, the site of the Boston Massacre, Faneuil Hall – which is just one of four buildings that make up the popular Faneuil Hall Marketplace and more. Also included are parts of the city’s educational significance including Cambridge’s Harvard Square and Boston Latin School. Fun Fact – the Boston Metro area is home to more than sixty universities and colleges!

Experience New England Aquarium & Whale Watch

Lionfish, tiger sharks and…green anacondas! Oh my! Yes – all these and many, many more aquatic creatures can be found at the New England Aquarium. In fact, the aquarium is home to thousands of animals who call water their home – both full and part time. And the exhibits they reside in at the aquarium are just as impressive and include a four-story Giant Ocean Tank, a 9,000 gallon floor to ceiling Indo-Pacific Coral Reef and six Amazon rainforest type environments. Rather feel the waves of the ocean under your feet instead of peering into them from dry land? You can do that here too! Just take one of the New England Aquariums Whale Watch Cruises. Starting towards the end of March and going until mid-November, you are guaranteed to spot a whale or two or – more – and if you don’t, you get a free ticket for a future whale watch.

See the Famous Ducklings at Boston Public Garden

Whether you are familiar with the 1941 children’s book Make Way For Ducklings or not, the famous ducklings in Boston Public Garden are a wonderful treat for adults and kids alike – and the perfect Instagramable photo op because you don’t have to worry about them waddling away. How do these ducks manage to stay still and in formation? Because they are actually bronze statues. The sculpture – created by Nancy Schon – was placed in Boston Public Garden back in October of 1987 as a tribute to Robert McCloskey, author of the award winning Make Way For Ducklings, which takes place in the Gardens where the main characters in the book – a family of mallards make their home. Another fun fact – actually two – Boston Public Gardens was the first public botanical garden in the U.S. and a copy of the ducklings’ sculpture was erected in Moscow in 1991.

Tour the Historic Fenway Park

True story – my husband and I went to Boston and decided to get tickets to a game. The Red Sox were playing the Yankees – obviously, we were clueless. No tickets to be had, needless to say, thanks to that rivalry well-known to everyone but us apparently. Now for all you baseball fans taking in a game is a must should you be in Boston in spring when the Red Sox are home. Otherwise, a tour of Fenway Park is equally as fabulous. Fenway may be one of the smallest parks in the U.S., but it’s also known as “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark” and it’s the oldest too. Home to baseball legends like Williams and Ortiz – as well as the infamous Green Monster – a wall originally built to keep non-paying spectators from peeking in – this tour will have you whistling Take Me Out to the Ballgame for days!

Enjoy the View of Boston Skyline from a Cycle Boat

There are many ways to see major US cities and Boston is no exception. You can walk it, bike it, bus it or even take it in via air. One of my favorites is taking it in from the water. And perhaps the most fun way to see it from Boston Harbor is on a Private Cycle Boat Tour courtesy of BTSQ, where you get to peddle to help move the vessel along – OR – put your feet up and let the engines do the job for you. But I must say peddling is a wonderful way to offset the calories you’ll consume as you can bring food and drink on board or even get it catered! Whatever you choose to do with your feet you’ll spend an hour and half on the water and get spectacular views of the Downtown Waterfront, Boston Tea Party Ship and much, much more.

Watch the Sunset on a Private Boston Harbor Cruise

And speaking of seeing the beautiful Boston skyline from the water – what could be more beautiful than seeing it from the Boston Harbor as the sun sets? Hmm…perhaps seeing it at sunset on board a stunning 80-foot Schooner? Well, as you may have already guessed Beyond Times Square has you covered thanks to our Private Sunset Boston Harbor Cruise With Cocktails & Hors D’oeuvres. You’ll board the elegant Schooner Adirondack III at the wharf – a private vessel sans the crowds of other sunset cruises – for a two hour sail around the harbor complete with a full, open bar and hors d’oeuvres for your sipping and snacking pleasure. As you sit back and watch the sun as it brightly glows then slowly disappears beneath the horizon, you’ll be treated to spectacular views of the city as well as some of the thirteen Inner Harbor Islands including Castle and Spectacle Islands.

Embark on a VIP Whiskey Tasting Tour

I know people normally think of distilleries as being a product of the south – moonshine anyone? – but Boston is home to an award-winning, woman-owned distillery of its own – the Boston Harbor Distillery. Started by craft beverage pioneer Rhonda Kallman, Boston Harbor Distillery is home to hundreds of barrels of whiskey varieties, small-batch gin, rum, decadent liqueurs and even distilled beer from Sam Adams. With Beyond Times Square’s VIP Whiskey Tour & Tasting at Boston Harbor Distillery experience you get the VIP treatment that includes a private tour where you’ll learn about the history of the distillery’s location and get an up-close and personal look at just how and where the delightful Boston Harbor Distillery spirits are made. Afterwards, you will get to visit the barrel room where you will get to taste some cask strength whiskey for yourself to see just how amazing it is.

Explore Popular Farmers Markets

If you love a good farmer’s market, Boston is home to at least a dozen within ten miles of the city for your shopping – and sampling – pleasure. In the interest of space, I chose three to highlight. First there’s Boston Public Market – an indoor venue that’s open year-round and features not just the typical fresh fruits and vegetables but also baked goods, poultry, crafts and other specialty options. Then there’s Copley Square Farmers Market which is the city’s biggest. With over thirty stands you can also find more than just produce here – including jams, breads, and cheeses. And finally, another popular farmer’s market in the area is the one you will find at Union Square – where you can purchase seafood in addition to the usual fare and where you can also donate to an inclusive event that they promote each year that raises funds to help feed needy area families.

Appreciate the Blooms at Arnold Arboretum at Harvard Collection

It seems that Beantown was the place for a few firsts. In addition to Boston Public Gardens being the first public botanical garden in the country, Arnold Arboretum was North America’s first public arboretum. Just about a thirty minute drive from downtown, Arnold Arboretum is 281 acres that consists of over 15,000 plants scattered among forests, ponds and meadows and is open to the public free of charge. And like Central Park in NYC – you’ll forget you’re in the heart of a big city as you stroll through nature. One final fun fact – since I didn’t know the difference between a botanical garden and an arboretum, I googled it. An arboretum “is a specialized botanical garden featuring trees and other woody plants and may include other kinds of plants” while a botanical garden “is a garden with greenhouses for the culture, study and exhibition of special plants.” You’re welcome.


As you can see Boston in spring is filled with fabulous travel experiences for the whole family and makes for a delightful destination to add to your travel plans for 2022. Not sure where to start? No worries! The incredible team of travel professionals at Beyond Time Square can help you put together an itinerary to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Give them a buzz today to get your Boston adventure booked!