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Why Your Next Luxury Escape Should Be to Charleston and Savannah

Start spreading the news! Beyond Times Square just added two fabulous new additions to our luxury portfolio – the stunning cities of Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina. These Southern sister cities were chosen for many reasons – their beauty, their history, their cuisine – and so much more – and we wholeheartedly believe that they should both be on everyone’s list of must-see cities in the US. That said, I am here today to not only share all the amazing experiences that await you, but also why exploring them with us is the way to go! So pull up a rocker, pour a glass of lemonade and check out why your next luxury escape needs to be to Charleston and Savannah – with Beyond Times Square of course!


History 101 

Charleston is a vibrant coastal city that has been around since 1670 and thanks to its tolerance for all religions earned the nickname the “Holy City.” And that nickname is well-represented thanks to a skyline full of beautiful steeples. With rice and cotton as the main exports, it became the wealthiest city in colonial America and several of the plantations where it all came from are still standing proudly and open to tourists. And let’s not forget that Charleston’s Fort Sumter is where the very first shots of the Civil War rang out.

Charleston’s history is a complex one, and as you roam the streets you can almost feel yourself being transported to the past – thanks to its architecture – Colonial, Victorian and a host of other influences proudly on display – its cobblestone streets and the unmistakable sound of the clip-clop of those popular horse-drawn carriages that are always on the move.

It’s hard not to fall in love with a city that blends the past into the present in such a charming way – and we’ve made it easy to immerse yourself in Charleston’s storied past thanks to our Charleston History Multiday Experience. From walking tours that center on the Civil War, slavery and the conflicts that shaped the city to a visit to a picturesque plantation that’s home to America’s oldest landscaped gardens to an iconic horse and carriage ride and more – our completely customizable experiences allow you to take it all in seamlessly. 

Savannah – which came along 63 years later in 1733 – is credited with being America’s first planned city – featuring wider streets and its now infamous squares – 22 to be exact. Being a port city, it was held by the British for years during the American Revolutionary War. It also played a part in the Civil War – after which it became one of the most historically significant African American cities in the country thanks to former slaves who stayed and rebuilt it.  And like its sister city, cotton was a main export and made many of its residents quite wealthy – and fun fact – the cotton gin was invented on a plantation just outside of Savannah.

Like Charleston, Savannah also feels like a step back in time. Wandering through its storied squares or along the historic riverfront complete with iconic riverboats makes you feel like you’re part of history. Strolling under the massive oaks, all draped in Spanish moss, just adds to the charm, making every street and corner look like a picture from an old storybook.

It’s easy to get lost in the magic of it all as you take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful Southern city thanks to our Savannah History Multiday Experience. From an insightful walking tour with one of the city’s most popular and animated guides to an exploration outside the city limits that delves into the broader history of Georgia’s Lowcountry to a visit to the beautiful – and eerie – Bonaventure Cemetery – these private tours ensure a personalized journey through time, making history accessible and engaging.  

Our history-centered experiences are all about getting up close with the places and stories that make Charleston and Savannah unique—from historic landmarks to the stories behind them. Led by local experts who know every hidden gem, you’ll feel like exploring these destinations with a friend who’s in the know.

Foodies Rejoice!

Both Charleston and Savannah are renowned for their culinary scenes, which blend traditional Southern flavors with contemporary cuisine – making for some of the most delicious comfort food in the country. Think fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, fried chicken, cornbread and more. It’s because of this fabulous fare that we have no shortage of private food experiences for you to dig into!

Let’s start with our Charleston Culinary Multiday Experience, which offers an in-depth exploration of the city’s gastronomy through a variety of experiences. From a Downtown Food Tour where you’ll wander through the French Quarter and City Market, to the Upper King Street Culinary Tour which is perfect for food lovers eager to explore the eclectic side of the Lowcountry’s food scene via the trendsetting restaurants in this area to a farm-to-table experience where you get to choose the ingredients straight from the farmer’s market – there’s something for every taste!

And of course, the culinary experiences are just as mouthwatering in Savannah. Our Savannah Culinary Multiday Experience includes unique offerings such as the Walktails & Bar Bites Pub Tour which takes advantage of Savannah’s open-container policy and is a wonderful way to start your night out, filled with fun, flavors and good company, a private cooking class where guests learn to prepare classic Southern dishes from a renowned chef in the heart of the city and an introduction to five distinct foodie spots around the city’s infamous – and very first – historic squares.

Our foodie experiences in Charleston and Savannah are the perfect way to not only get a taste of the local flavors but also to learn about each city’s rich cultural tapestry along the way – making each meal a memorable part of the journey.

The Best of Both Cities

So you want to learn about the history, and you can’t wait to taste the food, but you prefer not to focus on either exclusively, but instead want a little bit of everything the city has to offer? Not to worry – that’s the thought process behind our “Best Of” experiences!

With our Best of Charleston Multiday Experience, you’ll step back in time on a captivating journey that blends luxury with history, mystery, food and more! Hop aboard for a quaint horse and carriage tour throughout the city streets, join an expert guide for a unique walking tour where you’ll hear captivating tales of society and scoundrels of old and partake in some spooky fun courtesy of a ghost and graveyard private experience. Also on the agenda? You’ll set sail on a relaxing harbor cruise, enjoy a traditional Lowcountry private culinary tour and visit an 18th-century plantation!

Heading to Savannah? Opt for our Best of Savannah Multiday Experience where luxury meets local charm. Hop in the “Buzzard Mobile” for a trek to the infamous Bonaventure Cemetery where you’ll hear tales of its spooky history while taking in its eerie beauty. Savor every bite on a yummy culinary tour that gives you VIP access to some of Savannah’s top eateries before they open their doors to the public. But that’s not all! You’ll also enjoy the city’s stunning views from the deck of an iconic riverboat as well as on a relaxing pedicab ride, where you can sit back and soak in the sights on a delightful tour.

As you can see – our “Best Of” experiences in Charleston and Savannah are designed for those who want a little bit of everything. These multiday experiences capture the essence of each city, ensuring a journey filled with unforgettable moments. The best part? Every experience is personalized to your interests, ensuring your trip is unforgettable!


Choosing Charleston and Savannah for your next luxury escape means immersing yourself in cities that offer not only historical depth and culinary richness but also the warmth of Southern hospitality. With Beyond Times Square you not only get all that – you also get private luxury airport transportation, 5-star accommodations, complimentary restaurant reservations, exclusive experiences, personalized itineraries and an attention to detail that means your journey to these captivating cities will be transformed into a luxurious, unforgettable escape. Contact our Experience Designers today to discover how we can elevate your next vacation by crafting a journey that uniquely reflects your tastes and interests, leaving you with lasting memories of the South’s most charming cities!