Savannah: Historic Squares, Cemetery Scares and Culinary Flare

Imagine walking through Savannah’s historic squares, where the grand oaks tell stories of the past. Envision yourself uncovering the secrets of Southern cuisine on a culinary adventure or getting a chill from the tales told on a ghost tour through the city’s cemeteries. Feel the gentle breeze off the Savannah River as you unwind on a harbor cruise or delve deep into the city’s past with a captivating history tour. For a unique twist, hop in a pedicab and let the local charm unfold before you in an up-close and personal way.

From the quaint cobblestone streets to the expansive views along the waterfront, our team is ready to tailor each experience to your tastes. Connect with our Experience Designers today to plan your personalized journey through the heart of the South, filled with exclusive tours and unforgettable moments.

Travel Notes From Our Experience Designer

“You haven’t experienced true Southern Charm until you’ve been to Savannah. It’s more than the fact that everyone is so friendly and welcoming- it’s the feeling of catching shade in a park square under an oak tree and walking down the old cobblestone streets into adorable boutique shops. My favorite thing to do in Savannah is grabbing a warm piece of pecan pie, basking in the sun and watching the riverboat cruises pass by on the waterfront. I could go on and on about how special the city is, but I can’t wait to help you experience it for yourself!”

Mary Eggert

Mary Eggert

Experience Designer

BTSQ Signature Experiences In Savannah

BTSQ Signature Experiences are private, luxury tour and hotel packages curated by our seasoned travel Experience Designers that allow you to unwrap our destinations uniquely, creating once-in-a-lifetime memories. Every aspect of these exclusive packages is customizable to your passions and each moment of your journey is thoughtfully planned to ensure a seamless experience with unmatched hospitality.

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What To Be Passionate About In Savannah

Savannah’s historic squares are the city’s heartbeat, each offering a unique vibe. From tranquil oaks to lively corners buzzing with artists and musicians, these squares are steeped in history. As you wander through, each bench and statue tells its own story, making it easy to imagine the many gatherings they’ve hosted. They’re not just scenic spots; they’re the soul of Savannah.

Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah is unforgettable. Strolling among moss-draped oaks and ancient tombstones, you feel deeply connected to the city’s past. It’s a place of peace, beauty and mystery, where every corner tells a story of the people who shaped Savannah. This cemetery isn’t just a resting place; it embodies the spirit of the city.

Savannah’s riverfront perfectly blends activity and relaxation. As you stroll along the river, bustling tugboats and massive cargo ships showcase the city’s vibrant port life. Take a riverboat ride for spectacular views of Savannah’s historic skyline, adding fun to your visit. Whether dining, shopping or just enjoying the atmosphere, the riverfront pulses with the lively spirit of Savannah.

Savannah’s food scene delivers Southern comfort with a Lowcountry twist. Classics like shrimp and grits or peach cobbler get a unique spin that spices things up. Here, dining is about soaking in the city’s warmth and charm with every bite. Whether it’s a seafood meal by the river or a tasty find at a local market, Savannah’s flavors are sure to steal your heart.

Savannah’s history surrounds you, vivid and accessible. From River Street’s cobblestones to historic homes in city squares, every corner tells a story. It’s like exploring a living museum where you can touch the old bricks and hear tales of local legends. Here, you don’t just learn about history—you live it, feeling the past come alive as you wander.

Quotes From Our Travelers

“Traveling to Savannah with Beyond Times Square was a great choice! They took care of all the details, from the ghost tours to the best spots for Southern eats. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants a hassle-free, fun trip. They know their stuff and make it all about what you enjoy!”

2024 - J.M.

“Our family trip to Savannah with Beyond Times Square was fantastic! The kids loved the riverboat cruise, and we all enjoyed learning about the history of Bonaventure Cemetery. They made sure there was something for everyone, which made our trip stress-free and super memorable.”

2024 - R.G.

“We celebrated our anniversary in Savannah and thanks to Beyond Times Square it was an amazing time! We are both foodies and did a lot of food-centered experiences – a food tour through the historic squares, a luncheon harbor cruise and our absolute favorite – a Lowcountry cooking class! We’ve already decided to use them for our next anniversary which will be in Charleston.

2024 - P.R

“We saw so much – things that we didn’t even know we wanted to see! And everything was personalized tour our interests – which made it 100 times better! So many great experiences but the highlight was our private tour with our expert local guide! It felt like exploring Savannah with an old friend. We absolutely recommend Beyond Times Square for a personal touch on your trip!”

2024 - G.K.

“My girlfriends and I decided to do a girl’s weekend in Savannah trip and wanted it to be super special. We had no idea what we wanted to do. Our Experience Designer came up with an itinerary that had something for each of us – from a riverboat cruise to the beautiful but spooky Bonaventure Cemetery to a private pedicab ride and more. I can’t recommend them enough!”

2024 - L.D.