Celebrate USA Luxury Travel Experience Unveiled in NYC

Decided to head to New York City for a little summertime adventure? Fabulous – you’re in the right place to do just that – and in the best possible way! 

Here at Beyond Time Square, we don’t believe NYC vacations are simply ticking items off a travel checklist. Nope – we believe it’s about diving headfirst into the heart of what makes “the city that never sleeps” pulse with life. And that my friends is where our Celebrate USA NYC Multiday Experience comes in! This brand-new luxury experience from our amazing product team is perfect for USA travel in the summertime – i.e. May through September – although it is available year-round with variations.

Need convincing? No problem! Just check out the details below to see how you can explore the Big Apple your way – completely personalized to your interests and passions. It’s a journey that promises not just sights and sounds but memories that you’ll have for the rest of your life. 


Let’s Start This Adventure Right 

From the moment you land it’s apparent that our Experience Designers have curated a seamless luxury vacation just for you. Imagine stepping off the plane to find a friendly face in the crowd with your name proudly displayed, ready to whisk you away. This isn’t about flashy shows of luxury – it’s the warmth of a personal touch, setting the stage for the adventure ahead. 

From there it’s off to check into your 5-star accommodations. Yes – we can book your hotel stay too! And we have some wonderful recommendations throughout New York City – such as The Pierre, A Taj Hotel that’s an elegant property with a welcoming feel located near Central Park and those high-end shops that we all adore. 

Patriotic Tours: Pride and Reflection

Since no patriotic themed tour would be complete without visiting the three iconic NYC sites that represent the city’s past, your exclusive summer travel experience includes a journey back in time. Your day begins when your expert guide meets you at your hotel to take you on an exploration of the heart and soul of Lower Manhattan.

The first stop on your adventure is historic Battery Park. Here you’ll catch a ferry ride that takes you across the waters of New York Harbor to Liberty Island. As you disembark and gaze up at the majestic Statue of Liberty, emotions are sure to overwhelm you, reminding you that what she symbolized for millions of hopeful immigrants many years ago is exactly what she stands for today—the American dream.

While on the island, you’ll have the chance to go inside the Statue (should you opt for pedestal access) where you’ll not only see the mechanics of the monument, but you’ll also be able to step outside for panoramic views. And be sure to check out the Statue of Liberty Museum, which is a journey in its own right, filled with fascinating exhibits that offer a look at Lady Liberty’s backstory – and houses her original torch. You can also get some incredible views here via the Liberty Vista atop the museum.

Your next stop, Ellis Island, is like stepping into an American history book. Here you’ll wander through the restored main building and the National Immigration Museum, where you’ll catch a glimpse of the immigrant experience brought to life through countless artifacts. You’ll also get the chance to connect your own story at the American Family Immigration History Center and to take a moment to honor the names of those who arrived in the US before Ellis Island opened at The American Immigrant Wall of Honor.

From there you’ll board the ferry back to Battery Park where you’ll walk the park’s winding paths on your way to the solemn 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Here you’ll notice that the sounds of the city seem to fade, replaced by a sense of quiet reverence. The Memorial, with its reflective pools standing in the footprints of the Twin Towers, invites a moment of reflection and remembrance for the lives lost. The Museum takes this experience deeper as it offers an exploration of the events, the aftermath and the human stories intertwined with that day.

Join us for this unforgettable day of reflection, awe and deep connection to the city’s history and resilience and a journey through America’s past and present where history isn’t just something you read about—it’s something you live.

Oh, Those Summer (Broadway) Nights

There are certain must-dos when you’re in the city that never sleeps – and taking in a Broadway show along the Great White Way in an iconic theater filled with history and character and where the biggest names in showbiz have performed is undeniably one of them! And that’s why your New York City summer adventure also comes with an evening under the bright lights of Broadway with your choice of shows. And what a fabulous selection of musicals and plays you have to pick from! Of course, we do have a suggestion in keeping with the all-American theme of this experience – it’s a little show called Hamilton – perhaps you’ve heard of it (wink, wink)? But remember it’s all about you. Whether you’re into tear-jerkers, side-splitters or toe-tappers – you pick the show, and we get you premium seats to take it all in. As they say – the show must go on – and we’ll get you there in style!

Set Sail Under the Stars

If you’re visiting Manhattan during summertime, you absolutely must get out on the waters that surround it – and there really is no better time than nightfall as the city’s skyline lights up around you. And of course – we have the perfect way to experience it – thanks to a luxury dinner cruise filled with fabulous gourmet food, enchanting live music and stunning views of that iconic NYC skyline. And, if you opt for this experience on the Fourth of July (otherwise known as Independence Day) your dinner cruise becomes a fireworks cruise where you’ll enjoy the spectacular Macy’s fireworks display from the vantage point of the water – adding a burst of color and excitement to an already unforgettable evening. (*Note: The 4th of July cruise comes at an additional cost.)

Until We Meet Again

As your New York City journey concludes, we’ll ensure that your departure is as smooth and stylish as your arrival. A private transfer awaits to escort you from your hotel to the airport, offering one last glance at the city through the comfort of a luxury vehicle. It’s a fitting finale to a trip that promises not just memories, but a newfound love for the city that never sleeps.


So, there you have it my friends. Thanks to our Celebrate USA Experience, your summer getaway to New York City transforms into a series of unforgettable moments. From the moving history lessons to the excitement of Broadway to the stunning beauty of an evening cruise, we’ve tailored every aspect to ensure a blend of luxury and excitement.

And remember – what makes this – and every BTSQ Signature Experience so special is that it truly is all about you. Yes, the luxury vehicle transfers, 5-star hotel, private tours, Broadway tickets and dinner cruise are all part of the experience. But it’s all customizable. Want to start your day after breakfast instead of at your hotel? Your guide will meet you at the restaurant. Need to adjust timings to fit your rhythm? Consider it done. This journey – and every journey you take with Beyond Times Square is yours to shape. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our Experience Designers to get your luxury personalized experience booked today!