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Next Level Luxury New Year’s Eve Gala in NYC

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of heading to New York City on December 31st to be there in person when the countdown to midnight started and that iconic Times Square Ball descended from atop of One Times Square signaling a brand-new year. This dream was not a very popular one to voice as pretty much everyone I shared it with instantly assured me that it really would not be fun to stand for hours in a pen crammed with other spectators shoulder to shoulder, in the cold, maybe even snow, sleet or rain, not being allowed to leave for food or bathrooms breaks, blah, blah blah – you get the idea. Talk about Debbie Downers!

I usually just let them go on and on about what a horrible idea this was and then when they were done, I shared my master plan. I wasn’t going to take this all in from street level. No sir. I was going to attend a party overlooking the crowds below.

Now at this point, if I told you that particular dream of mine never came to fruition – then my story would end here. But as you can see there are plenty more words left on your screen so obviously that is not the case. I am here to tell you that it did happen and it was a thousand times better than I could have ever imagined. And guess what? You too can spend December 31st overlooking the most famous New Year’s Eve celebration in the world, thanks to Beyond Times Square’s 2022 VIP New Year’s Eve Gala in Times Square.

Wondering what that might look and feel like from someone who knows firsthand? Good because I am going to share that with you in ten, nine, eight, seven, six…


Ball Drop Background

Before I share the delightful details of what New Year’s Eve in Times Square looks like from a party overlooking the masses, how about a little history behind all the hoopla? Think of the impression you’ll make as you spout off some of these facts while dressed to the nines, sipping your cocktail of choice with the 12-foot in diameter, 11,875-pound geodesic sphere covered with 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles varying in size in plain view? That by the way was your first little tidbit of info to casually drop into your conversation with your fellow revelers. The others? Well, let’s see. There has been a Ball drop every year since 1907 – with the exception of 1942 and 1943 due to the war. The Ball was originally made of iron and wood along with 25-watt light bulbs. After that, it was replaced with one made completely of wrought iron, then again by an aluminum Ball, and after a few design changes, was ultimately replaced with the first crystal-adorned Ball– just in time for the millennium. And today’s Ball? Created by Waterford Crystal and Philips Lighting for the 100th anniversary of the Ball drop in 2007 – the LED-lit crystal Ball eventually paved the way for the building owners to commission a similar Ball to be built and displayed year-round as a permanent fixture. Ball drop trivia, check!

What To Expect

So, picture this. You arrive in New York City on New Year’s Eve and there is absolutely no mistaking the excitement in the air. As you head to the venue you wave your magic wand – ok maybe it’s not a wand – it’s actually credentials that will get you past New York’s finest and ushered around one or two of those pens filled with by now pretty tired spectators – and possibly cold or wet (or both) – to the entrance to the party of the year. And you are feeling pretty darn important I might add. You head to the elevator, ascend three stories, and when those elevator doors open and you walk out and look around at the beautifully adorned and oh so sophisticated venue, you know you have arrived. During the next five, glorious hours you’ll sip champagne – as well as a host of other beverages from the premium open bar – and dine on fabulous fare including lavish hors d’oeuvres, delicious hot and cold dinner options and scrumptious desserts. You will dance. You will smile non-stop. You will gaze out those panoramic windows at the crowd below and your host, Times Square, which looks brighter and more colorful than any other day of the year. And you will count down louder and with more enthusiasm than you have ever done and welcome in the new year like you never have before.

What do you think? Are you ready to partake in a magical evening celebrating the arrival of 2023? Of course, you are – and as I stated earlier, you can – thanks to Beyond Times Square’s 2022 VIP New Year’s Eve Gala in Times Square. Held at the chic and stylish R Lounge and Living Room at the Renaissance New York Times Square, this is one party that you will never forget. In fact, you may make it a tradition – as many have – including yours truly. Let’s see, where do I start? Well, the atmosphere alone is elegant yet comfortable. We aren’t talking a huge ballroom. We are talking an intimate space that is really two rooms in one. First, there is the Main Room. That is the one where you will find the dance floor as well as the huge windows on all three sides – including the one right up front with a straight-on view of that glorious Ball. It also houses the uber-cool VIP and VVIP tables. Then there is the Living Room where you will find a cozy cocktail seating area, that very important premium open bar and hot and cold food stations filled with delicious offerings. Trendy NYE party, check!


Need Accommodations?

Now should you be coming from out of town – you’re going to need accommodations – and what could be more convenient than staying at the very hotel where this magnificent celebration takes place? Beyond Times Square knows that is simply the way to go and so we have procured rooms at the Renaissance New York Times Square for a two-night minimum arriving on December 30th and checking out the next year – ahem – January 1st. And of course, should you want an extra night or two, we can add one on for December 29th and/or January 2nd. Hotel room, Check!

While You Are In Town…

Speaking of adding days on to your trip – of course you want to do that, because Christmas in New York City is truly magical – and we have some ideas when it comes to seeing it in all its glory. There’s the Crazy Holiday Lights Tour in Brooklyn – featuring the famous-thanks-to-being-featured-on-various-television-shows Dyker Heights neighborhood that “wins” Christmas compliments of its residents’ over-the-top decorating skills. There’s the Private Holiday Lights Tour in Manhattan that showcases those wonderful window displays, colorful Christmas markets, and of course the granddaddy of all Christmas trees – the Rockefeller Center tree. As for live entertainment, is it really the holiday season if you go to New York City and NOT see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular Starring The Rockettes? We don’t think so – and that’s why we can get you tickets for one of the many performances of this holiday classic.

And by the way – it’s not all about Christmas. We do offer an array of experiences that are as unique as they are classic to choose from as well. How about a VIP Private Tour of the Empire State Building? Or perhaps a Private Dinner with a Broadway Cast Member and Tickets to a Broadway Show? Art your passion? A Private Pre-Opening or After-Hours Tour of The MoMA is the perfect way to take it all in without the crowds. And that my friends is just a sampling of our many private and varied offerings – holiday and year-round. Private VIP tours, check!


…five, four, three, two, one!

The way we see it is that you go above and beyond in so many aspects of your life, isn’t it time you go Beyond and Above with your holiday plans? We think so! So go ahead, book BTSQ’s 2022 VIP New Year’s Eve Gala in Times Square and treat yourself to a dazzling New Year’s Eve event of a lifetime. Experience New Year’s Eve – and more – like the VIP you are. One where you’ll come back with amazing memories that will be etched into your mind and heart forever. One where you’ll count down to the new year with unmatched excitement as you party above the crowds, surrounded by others who appreciate the finer things in life. And most importantly book with confidence because booking with Beyond Times Square means booking with professional, knowledgeable destination experts whose goal is to provide you with a friendly, efficient and customized-to-your-needs vacation package. Contact us today to get the ball (pun intended) rolling!