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Jared G.

Jared enthusiastically and passionately showcases New York City’s history, architectural, artistic, literary, ecological, social history, and sharing dramatic stories told with high-energy, intensity, dry humor, and intelligence. He enjoys the testimonials and photographs from repeat guests, both local and from the other end of the globe. He approaches guiding with dedication to customer service, friendliness, and a desire for clients to get the most from their tours. Jared’s tour-style is interactive and appropriate for children and the elderly, including people with special physical needs. To liven things up, he includes NYC references from pop-culture. Jared pursues NYC research to improve his tours and is working on two books about New York City. He is a proud New Yorker, showing off New York City for twenty-four years, professionally licensed with a ‘Star’ score on the 150-question NYC Consumer Affairs Department exam since 2005. He has served as Vice President of the Guides Association of NYC and revived its publication as Editor. Jared was educated at Columbia University’s College (BA) and its Graduate School of Business (MBA).