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Annie D.

Annie has spent many years in advertising sales and believes in the old adage, “know your client.” With this in mind, her tours are specialized to the likes and desires of her clientele. She believes that time spent with her should be an engaging, informative, and entertaining experience that you will never forget. Annie moved into Manhattan 18 years ago, when her last child left the nest, and began her love affair with this amazing city. She spent several years in real estate sales learning every nook and cranny of Manhattan. Then she started acting, another passion, and while working on a movie set she was speaking to another actor who mentioned she was a tour guide. It was then that Annie decided to get her license and take her passion for New York and love of people and combine them into a career in tour guiding. Annie is also a jazz/cabaret singer and performs in various venues about the city. Come join her as she shares her countless colorful stories of this fascinating city and use all the crayons in her box to paint the glorious landscape that is New York City!