Dive into Philly’s vibrant streets on an epic Philadelphia mural tour, showcasing why it’s the mural capital of the world! Whether on foot or by car, let a pro guide lead you through the colorful neighborhoods, unveiling stories behind each breathtaking mural. Then, get lost in the magic at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, an enchanting world of mosaics sprawling over three city lots. It’s not just art – it’s Philly’s heart and soul, up close and personal. Ready to explore the canvas of the city?

Tour Itinerary & Highlights

Note: This is a suggested itinerary – we can customize based on your preferences.

  • City of Murals Behind-The-Scenes: Discover the heart and soul behind Philadelphia’s murals, where every brushstroke tells a community’s story.
  • Center City Close-Up: Stroll through Center City, where murals turn buildings into canvases, showcasing public art mastery and diverse themes.
  • Isaiah Zagar’s Mosaic World: Step into the magical realm of Isaiah Zagar at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, a mosaic wonderland spanning city walls.

More Information:

  • The duration of the tour is four (4) hours.
  • This tour is offered all year round, rain or shine, however, Magic Gardens is currently closed on Tuesdays.
  • You can customize the starting location of the tour to fit your schedule.
  • All stops, timing and inclusions of the tour are dependent on traffic and weather conditions.
  • Want to see something specific? We love to personalize our tours to suit your specific interests and passions! 


*Gratuity for the tour guide is not included.