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I sometimes think Philadelphia gets the short end of the stick. It sits between Washington, D.C. and New York City, and like Rocky Balboa, it needs to fight a bit to make its mark. I can attest that Philadelphia is more than just a stop on the train, or the home of the Liberty Bell. I love going to Philly, and I have plenty of great reasons for doing so: it’s walkable, it’s bike-friendly, it’s easy to get to, and it boasts stupendous art (the largest collection of Rodin outside of Paris). The food is top-notch (cheese steaks and beyond); it features the most incredible “living” relic, which is open to the public; it’s a gateway to Amish Country; it’s rich in early history; the people are cool; and it has a very funny story about the statue on its capital building.

Philly should be on everyone’s list, because the underdog always works the hardest to please.

— Eric J. Gordon, Founder, Beyond Times Square


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