The Floor is Yours at Madison Square Garden

Experience: (Duration: 1 hour)

When you look at the court from close up, and by close up I mean when you are walking on it, it does not seem that big.  You say to yourself, “I can run up and down this thing.”  You take a few shots, a few go in, some hit the rim, a few “wow, that was bad” shots.  You are warming up because in just a few minutes a pro basketball player is going to walk onto the court and you want to be able to show him what you got.  When he gets there you give him the look that you are ready and his gives you the eye and says, “Take the shot.”  Swish, and you feel like a million bucks.  So now the two of you are on the court and he is showing you the moves of the game; how to dunk, free throw, and guard.  Never did you think you would get a chance to be at Madison Square Garden, playing with one of your heroes.  You make it last as long as you can, then get some photos with you and your temporary basketball coach.  Do not forget that last free throw, and then let him sign the ball, because you are taking it home.


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