Student & Adult Groups

Group travel has its benefits.  Seeing new places with other like-minded people, no hassles as everything is planned for you, experiencing places you might not be able to do on your own, and getting the biggest bang for your buck.  We have been handling groups since we started in 2003.  We understand there are all different kinds of groups:  mature travelers, active adults, students, family reunions, affinity and others.  So come to the experts and let us execute your next group travel program.

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What if you could explore a city with confidence, navigating the city like a pro and taking in the best sights, flavors, and sounds it has to offer? With Beyond Times Square guided experiences, your group can relax and enjoy with a savvy guide at their side. We offer multi-day programs and day trips of New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia as well as the surrounding areas of each of these cities and of course we can offer any combinations of cities. We have created ideal itineraries, but if you have a specific site or experience you would like to add, our tours are easily customized to suit your needs. Whether you want to snap a group shot in front of every postcard-worthy site or discover the out-of-the-way spots locals would rather keep to themselves, Beyond Times Square can create the perfect tour for your group. From food tasting tours to historic mansions tours along the Hudson River, our programs are designed to match your group’s needs, whether it is a day full of activities or whether free time is included to do some exploring on your own.

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Beyond Times Square provides your student group with a safe, stress-free way to get the most out of your trip to New York, Boston, DC or Philly.  Not only the  “top ten list” tour, our multi-day and single day student programs offer unique experiences that will enhance your students’ understanding of different topics. Theater, art, cooking, music, dance, government, history and having fun are what we can offer to create a memorable experience.  Student travel is something we hold very close at Beyond Times Square.  Please read this personal story from Eric Gordon, the founder of Beyond Times Square. 

When I was in 6th grade, many years ago, my class planned a trip to Washington, D.C.  When my father was writing the check for me, he asked if all the children in my class were going.  I told him that even with all the fundraising we had done, there were still two boys who were unable to take the trip.  My father, who worked in the tourism industry but had never been able to travel as a child, found this unacceptable. He didn’t think it was right for a child to miss a chance to see the United States Capitol and the White House.  Right then and there, he wrote a check to cover two spaces for these two boys.  He gave it to me and said, “Give this to your teacher, and let him know what it is for; but make sure no one hears you.  The teacher is not to say who it is from. And Eric, never mention this to the two boys in your class.”  I did as my father had asked. The boys went on the trip, and everyone experienced the U.S. capital.  Beyond Times Square is a yearly donor to the Student and Youth Travel Foundation (SYF), making donations towards scholarships so young people who might otherwise not afford it are able to travel with their fellow students.