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Sing Broadway, Dance Broadway

Experience: (Duration: 2.5 hours)

Do what the Broadway performers do before hitting the stage. Prior to the big day, you will work with a Broadway producer to choose a song and dance. Upon arriving to the Broadway rehearsal studio, you’ll meet Broadway pros you’ll be working with. First, rehearse the vocal with a Broadway musical director. Get coaching and learn tricks of the trade. Then, get on your feet to learn the choreography with a Broadway pro. A prop or costume piece will be added to enhance your presentation. A “photo call” will take place before opening the doors for your guests. Finally, step into the spotlight and blow away friends and family, who are welcome to take photos and video!

  • In advance, choose a Broadway song and dance.
  • Meet in a Broadway rehearsal studio.
  • Rehearse your song with a Broadway musical director.
  • Rehearse your dance with a Broadway choreographer.
  • Add a prop or costume piece that you can take home!
  • Photo call – participants pose “in character.”
  • Perform for an audience of friends and family!


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