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New York City Skyscrapers Private Walking Tour
New York City Skyscrapers Private Walking Tour 2
New York City Skyscrapers Private Walking Tour 3

NYC Skyscrapers Private Walking Tour

Imagine… Standing in awe at the base of the Empire State Building, marveling at its towering presence and rich history. Exploring the magnificent Art Deco architecture of the Chrysler Building, a true symbol of New York City. Discovering the secrets of the MetLife Building as it looms over Grand Central Station, a testament to both engineering and design. 

Our NYC Skyscrapers Private Walking Tour offers a unique opportunity to not only see these architectural wonders up close, but also to learn their stories and significance in the city’s history. Don’t miss your chance to uncover the hidden beauty and grandeur of New York City’s skyscrapers with an expert guide by your side!

Offered Year Round

Duration: 4-Hours
Start Time: Flexible
Meeting Location: Flexible
Activity Level: Easy

NYC Skyscrapers Private Walking Tour
Sample Tour Itinerary & Highlights

Note: This is a sample itinerary and is subject to change. It is also customizable to your preferences.

  • Get ready to marvel at the breathtaking skyline of the city that never sleeps. This fully guided tour will take you on a journey through time and architecture, showcasing iconic structures that have become symbols of America’s national identity.
  • We’ll make our way to Central Park Tower, the tallest residential tower on the planet, soaring to an astonishing height of 1,550 feet. Marvel at the panoramic views and imagine the luxurious lifestyles enjoyed by its residents.
  • As we continue our tour, we’ll stroll down Billionaires Row and witness the skinniest building in the world, 111 West 57th Street. Standing at a staggering height of 1,428 feet, this architectural marvel will leave you in awe of its engineering prowess.
  • Prepare to be impressed by the grandeur of 432 Park Avenue, the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere, towering at an impressive height of 1,397 feet. Its sleek design and luxurious interiors will leave you yearning for a glimpse inside.
  • Our journey then takes us to Midtown-East Manhattan, where the first super skyscraper, One Vanderbilt, awaits. Standing tall at 1,401 feet, this imposing structure represents the progress and ambition of the city’s ever-changing skyline.
  • No visit to NYC’s skyscrapers would be complete without paying homage to the legendary Empire State Building. Standing tall at 1,250 feet, this historic landmark was the first building in the world to have over 100 floors.
  • All stops, timing and inclusions of the tour are dependent on traffic and weather conditions.

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