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Build Your Own Full-Day NYC Private Tour

Heading to New York City and not sure what your options are for topics of interest to you?

Perhaps you love to wander through gardens, taking in all the flora and fauna when visiting new cities.

Maybe you’re a huge fan of motion pictures and/or television shows and would love to see where some of them were filmed.

Possibly you’re a wine or beer connoisseur who enjoys discovering new vintages and brews.

Or it could be that you don’t have a theme at all and just know that you want a fabulous day of touring that covers everything that interests you in the Big Apple.

Whatever your interests may be, chances are NYC has options for you to explore them further.  And that is where our Build Your Own Full-Day NYC Private Tour comes in! With this full-day specialty experience, you’ll work with our Destination Experts to curate a customized day of private tours, experiences and attractions. Thanks to our team’s knowledge, along with an extensive network of local experts and vendors, the sky is truly the limit.

From private guide services to luxury transfer services to attraction entrances, restaurant reservations, Broadway tickets and more – BTSQ has you covered with this NYC tour package!

Offered Year Round

Duration: Approximately 8 to 9-Hours
Start Time: Between 8am & 11am
Meeting Location: Flexible
Activity Level: Easy

Build Your Own Full-Day NYC Private Tour
Sample Itineraries

  • If gardens are your passion, there are plenty of opportunities to wander through them within the five boroughs. For instance, Mount Prospect Park is home to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Staten Island offers Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden. You’ll find the Queens Botanical Garden in Flushing. In the Bronx, you can visit Wave Hill Public Garden & Cultural Center. And Manhattan has a host of options, many located in Central Park.
  • New York City is home to world-class performing arts, museums, art galleries and more, meaning if you’re into the arts, you’ve certainly come to the right place! Some of the finest examples of these forms of the arts would be The Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Met, the Museum of Modern Art aka MoMA, The Guggenheim Museum, The New York Public Library, Broadway, The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), The High Line and The Chelsea Galleries – just to name a few!
  • Are you a “foodie” who loves to try the cuisine when visiting a new city? Restaurants, food tours and culinary experiences abound in NYC! Some fabulous food tours include our Pizza & Gelato Food Tasting Walking Tour, our Private Bagel, Cragel and Donut Deluxe Tour and our Cupcake Food Tasting Walking Tour. Culinary experiences could encompass a Bateaux Dinner Cruise, a picnic lunch in Central Park and reservations at some of NYC’s finest restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner and perhaps NYC’s favorite meal – brunch!
  • Even if you have no “one” particular interest – or are interested in all kinds of topics, are celebrating a birthday or an anniversary or are just looking to get the most out of your time in the city, no worries, our Destination Experts can develop a customized package for you that includes a little bit of everything!
  • And of course – all of our NYC custom tours come with expert, local tour guides and can be set up as private walking tours or in a private luxury vehicle with a professional driver. Luxury transfers are also available as well as helicopter tours, bike tours and more!
  • All stops, timing and inclusions of the tour are dependent upon traffic and weather conditions.

Please contact us for pricing information.