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Meet a Pro, See Their Show


  • The guest(s) will meet their BEYOND TIMES SQUARE Host and Broadway cast member at Sardi's about two-and-a-half hours prior to the show for an hour-long visit.
  • Learn of the actor’s most nerve-wracking auditions, survival jobs before landing on Broadway, embarrassing moments on stage, etc.
  • After the visit, the cast member goes to the theatre to prepare for the show. The guest(s) are on their own until curtain.
  • Before the actor leaves for the theatre, find out what costumes they are wearing in the show, so you’re sure to pick them out! Enjoy the show, watching your new “friend” on stage.
  • When the curtain comes down, the BEYOND TIMES SQUARE Host will meet the guest(s) again and escort them to the stage door. Walking past the police barricades and through the stage door, the guest(s) will be exposed to the most private of private places on Broadway, as well as a chance to take pictures standing on the stage. Again, the BEYOND TIMES SQUARE Host will coordinate the post-show visit between the cast member and guest(s).  


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