The Origins of New York City Sightseeing Program

Sightseeing and Attractions: (Duration: 4 hours with a Licensed NYC Tour Guide)

New York traces its rich history to Lower Manhattan, the meeting point of the Hudson River and the East River.  Originally named Nieuw (New) Amsterdam, New York City began as a small Dutch settlement in what is now known as Lower Manhattan.  Broadway, which was then called Heere Straat (Gentleman Street), was nothing but a small road.  Wall Street actually had a wall back in 1653 to protect the settlers from attacks.  As the city grew, so did the nation.  New York was the first capital of the United States and the spot where George Washington was inaugurated is marked by his statue.  Over the years, Lower Manhattan has become the financial capital of the world.  Today, the streets are teeming with people and filled with stories of New York’s past, present, and future.  As you explore Lower Manhattan with your guide, you’ll see the 9/11 Memorial, St. Paul’s Chapel, Battery Park, and Trinity Church as you learn about the history of the Native Americans, Dutch, and English.


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