A Cultural Walk Through Little Italy & Chinatown

Sightseeing & Attractions: (Duration: 4 hours)

There are numerous ethnic groups in New York City, but only two have neighborhoods named after them: one is Little Italy, and the other is Chinatown.

Little Italy was formed in the late 1800s as millions of Italian immigrants streamed into the United States. And although nowadays you do not hear much Italian on the street, there are still old school establishments that carry on the traditions.

Chinatown on the other hand is still growing and when you enter it, it is like being transported to another country. All the signs are in Chinese, the languages spoken are all dialects of Chinese, the produce and food shops sell many items you will not recognize. It is submersion into another culture. 

Join your guide on this walking tour and find out what is below the surface that makes both these neighborhoods even more unique and intriguing.

Tour will include the following sights and/or stops:
-    Mulberry Street (main drag of Little Italy)        - Mahayana Buddhist Temple
-    Mott Street (main drag of Chinatown)             - Chatham Square
-    Canal Street                                                       - Columbus Park
-    Five Points                                                         - First Shearith Israel Graveyard



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