How to make it through the Ides of March unscathed


March 15, 2017

The Ides of March aren't just something Caesar is warned of vaguely in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, before his famously dramatized demise. The phrase is a throwback to the old Roman calendar, and demarcated the approximate midpoint of the month, before taking on a more sinister connotation after the stabbing of Julius Caesar.

Fortunately for the vast majority of us, we need not worry about being assassinated by a group of forty of our colleagues, peers, and friends, so the ides of March aren't something to fear from a personal safety standpoint. That said, mid-March can be tough. Spring's just around the corner, but after a typically rough NYC winter, event the short wait can be brutal for the pristine spring climate and all the fun it brings.

So we recommend turning to New York City's vibrant theater scene to celebrate what follows the mid-March doldrums, and why not let the expert on the Ides be the one to entertain you? Here are a few of our favorite Shakespearean productions taking place in the city during the early phases of spring.

We'll start things off with a uniquely New York City experience, the world renowned Shakespeare in the Park. This spring's production, running from May 23 until June 18, will be Julius Caesar. Taking place in Central Park's famed Delacorte Theater, these open air productions are circled on New Yorkers' calendars from the moment their dates are released, and for good reason. The Public Theater, the non-profit theater group that puts on the show, is made up of world class, theater professionals, who give their all to the free public performances, just as they would at the most exclusive private theater.

If your trip to the city coincides with the stretch of calendar between July 11 and August 13, then your outdoor Shakespeare experience will be slightly different. That's when Shakespeare in the Park features its semi-regular production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, also at the gorgeous outdoor Delacorte Theater.

Prefer to take in your Bard from the comfort of the air-conditioned great indoors? Don't you worry. Companies are constantly unfurling their latest Shakespearian productions. For instance, a troop called "Hamlet Isn't Dead" just announced a weeklong production of Henry IV in the West Village's Westbeth's Artists Community.

Fantastic short-run performances are commonplace, but no less special here in New York. With probably more talented and classically trained actors and actresses per capita than any place on earth, you're never more than a Google search away from discovering a performance that will -- depending on your stance on Shakespeare -- reaffirm your love of his work, or make you into a lifelong fan.


Besides great Shakespearean productions, there are many new musicals and plays running on Broadway this year. For more information or to secure tickets, contact us.