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History of Chocolate Program

Experience: (Duration: 3 hours with a Tour Guide)

Chocolate is practically a part of human DNA; records of its early use date back over three millennia to ancient Mesoamerican society.  But though many love its rich flavor, few understand the breadth of its long history, let alone how it’s produced or how to distinguish between varieties.

Uncover the immense world of cacao alongside one of the leading chocolate scholars. With cocoa beans literally in hand, begin the day with an overview of chocolate’s origins and the bean-to-bar process.  Your guide will cover all the basics, including cacao genetics, single origin and blended chocolates, and how fine chocolate compares to its mass produced counterpart.  Once you’ve boosted your chocolate background, dive into the decadent goods themselves with a tasting session, where you’ll learn to sample like a pro and use the vocabulary of fine chocolatiers to describe the flavors.  Leave with a deeper perspective of chocolate and a more than satiated palate. The tour will end at a chocolate shop to allow time for shopping.

Your guide is a well-respected culinary historian, cookbook author and culinary educator with a specialty in fine chocolate and other artisanal foods. She is the director of The Big Chocolate Show, NYC’s largest chocolate expo as well as 92 Y’s annual Chocolate Fest. Her accolades include a certificate of outstanding achievement from The James Beard Foundation and a book award from The International Association of Culinary Professionals. From Jacques Pepin to Julia Child, Mario Batali, Thomas Keller, Jacques Torres, Anthony Bourdain and Padma Lakshmi, she has worked with the most distinguished culinary talent.


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