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Matthew C.

Giving a good tour is not simply a matter of expounding a great deal of facts and figures or pointing out interesting buildings and celebrity’s homes. It is the art of telling the city’s stories in an engaging, compelling and moving way. Matthew is a master of this art; he tells true and fascinating stories of New York’s past and more recent history in a way that makes the brick-and-mortar whisper of those who walked these streets. He’ll tell stories and point out sites connected to some of the many popular movies and television shows shot here. For young people Matthew has a wealth of information about Superhero movies filmed in New York. He can also discuss NYC’s architecture, take you to where you can see some of the most brilliant street art, and tell you about New York’s importance in Rock & Roll! Matthew is a native New Yorker, with antecedents going back to the original Dutch settlers of New Amsterdam, and a graduate of the City College of New York, where he won the Ward Medal in History. His previous occupations have ranged from taxi driver to corporate headhunter, but since becoming a tour guide, Matthew feels that he has found his calling!