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Katia H.

Katia is a native New Yorker, with a passion for the city and a highly developed sense of humor and performance ability, who delights in audience enjoyment. Training in theatre, speech, and voice production makes her a smooth and polished lecturer. She keeps current with art and architecture trends, attends exhibits regularly, sees a lot of theatre and, as good and serious foodies do, dines out frequently and hunts for the next great restaurant. Katia’s tours are sophisticated and contextual, examining all aspects of New York as to make the daily life and rhythms of the city comprehensible. She is well experienced with up market and corporate clients and has helped manage large scale events. Katia’s greatest pleasure is travel; it’s been the basis of her education and continues to be a defining pursuit. She visits Europe annually, periodically makes trips to India, and looks for new destinations to make her life richer.