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Becky H.

In 1997, Becky trained with ITMI (International Tour Management Institute) and has been an active tour guide since her graduation. In 2000, she became a licensed certified NYC tour guide. In addition to directing student and adult tours in the spring, she spent more than eight summers doing six seventeen-day tours in our National Parks. Recently, she’s been spending most of her time working and living in Manhattan. Before beginning her career as a tour guide, Becky worked simultaneously in several different careers. In New York City, she was an English teacher and mother. After relocating to Atlanta for two decades, she became an associate professor at Georgia State University, played professional drums with her own band at several venues around Atlanta, and became a local NBC television health and medical reporter. These three careers were ongoing during her children’s growth years. In the early 1990’s, with her children away at college, Becky returned to Manhattan and began her solo adventures, traveling in Southeast Asia for more than six months. She’s been globe-trotting ever since and has developed a passion for travel.