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Thank you for your interest in Beyond Times Square. We are a leading receptive group and FIT tour operator serving New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Niagara Falls, and destinations nearby. In an effort to make an efficient and profitable working relationship between us, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that will help you understand how we can assist you and provide you with the inside knowledge of our process.

1) What destinations does Beyond Times Square serve?

You might know us best for New York City but we also serve: Niagara Falls, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, and destinations outside of those cities. If you do request an area we do not offer, we will be happy to suggest a trustworthy partner if we know of one.

2) My group is looking for just a hotel, can Beyond Times Square assist me with hotel only?

Beyond Times Square is a full service receptive operator and is expert at planning an extraordinary program, but if your group only needs hotel, please contact Jason Wood at Travel Advocates (201-222-1990 Ext.201). Let them know Beyond Times Square referred you.

3) I have guests who are just looking for transportation from point A to point B and maybe a few transfer services, can Beyond Times Square assist with this request?

If you are looking for city and airport transfers in the cities we cover, we are more than happy to assist you. if you are looking for very specific transportation services outside the major cities we handle, we will ask for an upfront planning fee to book the services as traveling outside the major tourism cities can take a lot of additional time and planning on our end. To make it profitable, we must charge a fee.

4) What kind of rates does Beyond Times Square get from hotels, coach companies, attractions, etc.?

Good ones!!! Beyond Times Square does groups and FITs in large numbers and we get advantageous rates. You do not have to ask us to go back and renegotiate the rates because we get the best rates possible. If we do not think we have a good rate, we go back and ask.

5) We sometimes find we cannot get our clients to think fully about the project/program they are asking for, do you have any advice on how to "rein in our clients"?

We know how difficult this can be and we have spoken to other travel professionals about it. Below are a few questions you need to ask your clients so you have a better idea of how to plan with them and inform your receptive tour company (that's us). It is kind of like a multiple choice test.

- What hotel chain is your guest most likely to stay in?

* Days Inn/Comfort Inn

* Hampton Inn/Courtyard Marriott

* Hilton/Westin

* Four Seasons/Ritz-Carlton

- My groups usually stay:

* In the city center

* A bit out of the center and more in a neighborhood, but still convenient

* Outside the actual destination and in a suburb or outside the city limits

- What type of restaurants does you group usually eat in?

* Fast-food

* Buffet

* National chain

* Theme restaurants

* National chains on par with high-quality local restaurants

* High-end properties with a named chef

- What would you consider to spend for a night of quality evening entertainment?

* $25.00 to $50.00 per guest

* $50.00 to $100.00 per guest

* $100.00 to $150.00 per guest

* More than $150.00 per guest

- What cruise line do you think one of your guests would most likely cruise on?

* Carnival

* Celebrity

* Princess

* Norwegian

* Cunard

* Silver Sea

6) As a travel professional, I am glad I am speaking to a company that has its s**t together, why should I use Beyond Times Square for my groups?

I am so happy you asked that question because it gives us a chance to let you know why you are making the right choice in Beyond Times Square. Beyond Times Square promises:

  • A well-planned itinerary that maximizes your guests' time
  • Quality at a fair price that meets your budget
  • Detailed and informative documents
  • Knowledgeable and friendly tour guides
  • Clean and comfortable vehicles
  • Helpful and attentive customer service
  • Creative ideas


7) When Beyond Times Square sends me a proposal, what does it include?

The initial proposal will include the following information:

- A list of inclusions with details of type of admission, meals, coach size, and seating locations

- Location and inclusions

- Number of hours for guide and transportation each day

- Whether gratuity is or is not included (it usually is)

- Pricing based on 20, 30, 40 & 50 guests with one free tour leader

- Sample terms and conditions

- If the proposal and rates are acceptable to you, we will send you a contract and an invoice for $1,500.00 deposit. After this is received, we will send a more detailed program and put your file into operation.

8) Tour companies seem to define the statement "include free tour leader" differently. Can you explain how Beyond Times Square defines it?

Someone should create a travel dictionary. Maybe there is an app already. We define a free tour leader as "one free place on a group program in a specified room category based on the number of clients booked." If we present a rate that is 40 +1, that means that you get one free place for every 40 full paying guests you pay for. We will always specify if it is a free in a single or double room. We will make all efforts to help you achieve a free if you fall short.

9) My clients will sometimes send me lots of comments about the proposal. They seem to mix information that is for you and some that is just for me. What do you need from me?

I am so glad you asked. We are happy to read over your clients' comments/questions about the itinerary we sent over and happy to research anything else they request if it helps in creating a great trip. We do not need all the comments about their last trip or another trip on the 90th birthday party of their dear aunt Gladys. That is better kept between the two of you.

10) I have received the proposal itinerary and contract from Beyond Times Square. What do I do now?

The most important thing to do is read the contract, agree to the terms and pay the deposit, so we can get working on the confirmations. We send our contracts via a software called EchoSign, which allows you to read and electronically sign the contract online (if you are still living in 2002, faxes are acceptable, but EchoSign is preferred). We will also send you an invoice that allows you to also pay your deposit online if you have a US dollar bank account. For companies without a US dollar bank account, we will provide you with our wire transfer details for you to give to your bank. Of course, a check drawn on a US dollar account is acceptable.

11) What are Beyond Times Square group terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions can change depending on the hotel and service, but here is a good sample you can use as a guide


  • A group deposit of $1,500.00 is required to confirm all services. This amount is refundable up to 60 days.
  • Broadway show: group show choices will be provided. When tickets are confirmed, payment is usually due within four weeks of ticket confirmation and is non-refundable. If you are not prepared to make the payment, an extension can be requested. If we cannot extend, tickets will be released and we can request a show at a later date.
  • An additional non-refundable hotel deposit is due as per the hotel cancellation policy.
  • Final payment and rooming list is due 60 days prior to departure (final payment may vary depending on hotel selected.

Forms of Payment Accepted:

  • Check or Money Order
  • ACH (link will be provided for secure online payment processing)
  • Bank Transfer (bank transfer information will be provided)

Individual Cancellations:

  • Theatre Tickets: non-refundable
  • Between 60 days and 31 days: 50% of tour cost + hotel cancellation fee
  • 30 days or less: 100% of total invoice will be charged

Late Bookings:

If you would like to add passengers to your group within 30 days of arrival, there will be a non-refundable late booking service fee of $49.97 per person added to your invoice. This amount + the per person tour cost has to be paid by credit card before any reservations are made. If we are not able to confirm the additional passengers, only the tour cost will be refunded.

Itinerary Change Fees:

  • Changes made more than 10 days prior to the service are complementary
  • Changes made 9 days or less, a $49.97 fee for every change made to the itinerary

12) What type of payment methods do you accept for payment of groups?

We accept wire transfers and checks drawn on US accounts. We do not accept credit card for groups unless prior arrangements have been made.

13) When does Beyond Times Square start planning my itinerary?

At Beyond Times Square, we believe in planning as soon as possible to ensure the smoothest operation of your program. Even before we receive your deposit and when we are working on the quote, our group professionals are making sure that the content of your program will fit nicely in the amount of time you have. Once we receive the deposit, we start making all the necessary bookings and create a draft itinerary. Since we begin the planning process right away, it is very important you communicate with your client to avoid any surprises down the road. Of course, we understand that unplanned changes might occur, but anything that is a possibility should be discussed early on, so it can be accounted for. After we have planned and confirmed your program, if your client has changes as a result of not reviewing the program prior to signing the contract, it will result in change fees.

14) When do we provide final detailed itinerary?

As mentioned above in question #6, we start planning your itinerary from the proposal stage, but we do not finalize your program until after a deposit is received. On average, we send the final itinerary three weeks before your arrival and sometimes sooner if requested. Please let us know when you need your final documents as soon as possible.

15) Does Beyond Times Square offer translation of documents?

We are happy to respond to your email in your native language. We either have a native speaker on staff or we can do our best with Google Translate. We do not translate the proposals that we send to you, but we will send the final documents translated in the language you wish using a professional translator at no extra cost.

16) Where does Beyond Times Square get its business?

Since you are asking, over 90% of Beyond Times Square's business comes from travel advisors and tour operators who are professionals and understand the group market. It is very rare we work directly with the consumer. We do not market to consumers and aim to get most of our income from the B2B sector.




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