Tips For Travelers: Sip Fall-Friendly Cocktails In NYC


October 14, 2016

Fall in New York City is wonderful in its own way, but it’s definitely not what you might envision when picturing a traditional, northeastern autumn destination.

As far as "leafing" is concerned, some of the larger city parks really put on a show for a couple of weeks, and in terms of apples, you can probably track down a fruit-bearing tree somewhere. (You shouldn't have any issues acquiring a pumpkin-inspired coffee, though given all the great local cafes around, it's not advisable.)

Sure, you could venture north to the Hudson Valley for a more traditional fall weekend, but by and large, it's tricky to pull that off in Manhattan or Brooklyn. That said, for the true aficionado of autumn, it's possible to get that coveted fall feeling without leaving the five boroughs, by way of stopping in at some of the city’s more autumn-leaning watering holes. Once you’ve enjoyed an NYC fall, you won’t want to experience the season any other way.

For an extensive selection of hard cider, much of it crafted right in New York state, pay a visit to Hearth in the East Village. With more than eight rotating ciders to choose from, without a doubt you can tend to your apple cravings from the cozy confines of this top-notch Tuscan-American eatery. For best results, pair with a stroll through nearby neighborhood gathering place, Tompkins Square Park.

(403 E. 12th St at 1st Ave in Manhattan)

The closest you’ll get to the rustic charm of an upstate, hillside, tree-flanked cabin here in the city is surprisingly enough in Gowanus, the Brooklyn neighborhood that up until recently was best known for its industry, not its wine bars. But that’s just where you’ll find Black Mountain Wine House. Replete with a selection of 30+ wines and a pastoral vibe, the place is perfect for fall—but the kicker is its roaring fireplace.

(415 Union St at Hoyt St in Brooklyn)

To absorb a uniquely New York take on fall, head over to Greenwich Village’s Blue Note, a jazz bar just steps from iconic Washington Square Park. Once inside, it’s a tight fit, but there’s not a bad seat in the house as far as a view of the stage is concerned. For optimum autumnal enjoyment, order a hot toddy, and let the cozy vibe, world-class jazz, and stiff drinks warm you up.

(131 W. 3rd St. just west of 6th Ave in Manhattan

If your idea of a perfect fall evening is sampling a diverse array of truly outstanding cocktails, then it’s worth the visit to Cobble Hill’s famed Clover Club. The historic neighborhood’s brownstones will likely showcase seasonal gourdes on their stoops, to help with your fall festiveness en route to the cocktail bar. Once inside, knowledgeable but never pretentious bartenders will whip you up old standards, as well as innovative libations you’ve probably never even dreamed of. The icing on the cake? They also have a fireplace, and live jazz on Wednesdays.

(210 Smith St just north of Butler Street in Brooklyn)

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