Breweries in Boston


April 25, 2017

The Boston Tea Party might be the most widely remembered event in Boston history, but we understand that planning a trip to New England’s biggest city, centered solely around tea might not be as as fun as one featuring beer. So we’ve picked out a handful of our favorite local breweries where you can soak up a taste of the city’s rich history, while sipping on a taste of some of its best brews.

When you think of beer in Boston, chances are you think of Samuel Adams Brewery and its famed Boston Lager. (Even if you’ve never tasted a pint of their flagship brew, you’ve definitely seen their scaled back commercials, depicting big, bearded Bostonians talking about the brewing process.) There’s a reason Samuel Adams is one of the most successful craft brewers in America, and even though there’s more to Boston’s brewery scene, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include them in our list of recommendations! Located in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, this brewery may be known across the US as the source of a classic brew, but locally, it’s just as famous for its great tours (they give a lot of them; so they’re very polished!). Learn about the brewing process, the patriot from which the brewery takes its name, and of course, sample some of what they’re working on.

Another great option for brewery tours if you’re looking to explore what goes into making a beer you’ve tasted outside of New England, is Harpoon in South Boston. Tours of their great facility are worth it just to see where a great IPA is made. But what really solidifies Harpoon as a must-visit is the fact that they serve delicious hot, soft pretzels, which you can buy along with your beer at the conclusion of your tour. A perfect combination at the end of a warm, Boston spring day.

A few miles north of Boston, you’ll find the quintessentially New England town of Everett. And in Everett, you’ll find Night Shift Brewing, a smaller operation than Harpoon or Samuel Adams, but one that puts out some tasty beers nonetheless. Proceeds from their tours benefit the Greater Boston Food Bank, and the vibe is more gastropub than straight up brewery. Food trucks tend to congregate nearby, and Night Shift allows you to bring in outside food as you sample their brews.

And for a less hoppy take on a brewery tour, Bantam Cider, located in Somerville’s Union Square, is a great option. Their tours are pretty informal, but they’re free, and at the conclusion, you can treat yourself to a flight of their various ciders at the tap room, which is really why you’re likely on a brewery tour to begin with!

No matter where you go to wet your whistle after a full day of exploring Boston, you're sure to have a great time drinking in Boston's great brewing culture.


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