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I remember in college (mine was so far into upstate New York that New Yorkers called it “Canada”), my good friend Mark told me that after graduation, he was going to move to Boston. I was sad, but I thought about that, and said to myself, “Boston has lots of universities, so it must have a lot of young people. That sounds pretty cool.” I offered to help Mark move to Boston, so I could see for myself—and, of course, to hang out with my friend in his new home. I wasn’t sure what to expect, never having been to Boston before, but I was pleasantly surprised. There were lots of young adults, freshly minted from prestigious colleges—and an extremely vibrant downtown with wonderful surrounding neighborhoods, a waterfront with ferries to Cape Cod (I am a beach-lover), and plenty of U.S. history, for which I am a sucker. Of course, I made it back to Boston plenty of times, both as a young adult and more recently. I still love being around young people with energy, and experiencing everything Greater Boston and its islands have to offer.

— Eric J. Gordon, Founder, Beyond Times Square

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Walking Tour of the Freedom Trail

Historic Pub Crawl


Freedom Trail Lantern Tour

PRE-OPENING TOur of the isabella stewart gardner museum



plimoth plantation




Martha's Vineyard

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