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Three Tips for Enjoying the “We Love NYC” Homecoming Concert on August 21, 2021

In case you haven’t heard New York City is back open for business and recently announced its plan to fill the Great Lawn of Central Park with live music performed by an incredible line up of music superstars at their “We Love NYC” Homecoming Concert. Taking place on August 21st this is the concert event of the season – and let’s face it, a once in a lifetime event – and one you are not going to want to miss!

I mean, the venue alone – the most famous park in the world and perhaps one of the most famous lawns on the planet where some pretty famous singers that you may have heard of – Simon and Garfunkel, Diana Ross, Garth Brooks, among many others, have made the wide expanse of green grass their stage throughout the years.

For this joyous occasion the likes of Bruce Springsteen, LL Cool Jay, Barry Manilow, Earth, Wind and Fire, Rob Thomas, Paul Simon (yes – for you youngsters he was the Simon in Simon and Garfunkel), Jennifer Hudson, Andrea Bocelli and many, many more are scheduled to perform as of this writing – guaranteeing genres of music for the young, the old and the in between! Yes indeed – veteran New York City music producer Clive Davis and entertainment giant Live Nation are planning to put on quite the show!

That being said – we here at Beyond Times Square want to make sure that those of you who are joining us for this momentous occasion enjoy it to the fullest – so we have come up with three tips to make sure that happens. Read on for our helpful hints – and how you may be able to attend the event VIP Style!


Tip #1 – Plan Your Trip Beforehand

It’s August. It’s the proverbial dog days of summer. You are going to be outside. The moral of the story? You need to show up prepared! Yes, it doesn’t start until 5:00PM but that doesn’t mean the days heat will have disappeared into a chilly evening. Plus, the gates open at 3:00PM and you know you are going to get there wayyyyy before that to claim your spot – especially if you have General Admission tickets. The average high daytime temperature in NYC during August is 84 degrees with average nighttime temperatures around 69. So, you want to dress appropriately. Cool clothing to start off with and a light jacket when the sunsets. Sunscreen is always a good idea and for goodness’ sake don’t forget to hydrate! Remember – it’s going to be you and an estimated crowd of 60,000 others on a wide open lawn with shaded areas being few and far in between. As for seating – normally chairs are not allowed (and do you really want to lug a chair around anyway?) but you can bring your favorite blanket to hang out on while waiting for the magic to happen. Perhaps the most important thing you’ll need to plan in advance? Tickets for the event. And as you may have suspected those fabulous folks at BTSQ have you covered as they have managed to score some sweet VIP Tickets to the “We Love NYC” Homecoming Concert – so be sure and check that option out before they are all gone!

Tip #2 – Make It A Full Day Experience In Central Park

First time to Central Park? Or you’ve been there so many times you lost count? No matter which it is, as long as you are there, you’re going to want to check out more than just the Great Lawn area. And even if you have been there many times – like me – there is pretty much always unchartered territory that you have yet to explore. I mean it is 843 acres which translates to two and a half miles in length and a half a mile wide. Some of my favorites? Well, there is Belvedere Castle – bet you didn’t know there was a castle tucked away in there? The Bethesda Fountain – probably because of my fondness for the movie Elf and the fact that Santa’s sleigh clipped the Angel of Waters sculpture a top of it in one particularly memorable scene. The Central Park Zoo – because – those adorable sea lions – awwww! The Mall – no not that kind of mall – this mall is a splendid walkway that is lined with elm trees that create a natural canopy and as a result, shade. (Shade that you may just want to take advantage of while you can!) Let’s see what else. Oh – the Ramble – another great opportunity to catch some shade and the one area of the park where you are guaranteed to totally forget that you are in the middle of Manhattan! Filled with winding paths, waterfalls, ponds – it’s the perfect escape from traffic, horns and crowds! I could go on and on – but I know you prefer I didn’t. So, I will leave you with this link to check out more of the must see spots in Central Park. You’re welcome.

Tip #3 – Know The Vaccination Requirements

We’re living in a COVID-19 world folks and if you’re heading to the pandemic’s hardest hit city in the US you better believe they want you vaccinated. This blurb below comes straight from the horses – umm – Ticketmaster’s mouth – who of course are taking their cue from Mayor de Blasio’s office:

The event organizer requires all attendees who are age 12 or over must present proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to attend this concert. No ticket refunds or exchanges will be issued, and tickets will not be honored if you are unable to provide proper proof of vaccination at the time of the event or have not attested that you are unable to get vaccinated because of a disability. The event organizer requires that an attendee who is not able to get vaccinated because of a disability will be required to sign an attestation and provide proof of a negative COVID PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to the event to enter the concert. Proof of vaccination includes at least one dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine, such as Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, or AstraZeneca/Oxford.

Nothing more to really say about this topic. It’s in your hands now. Or your arm.


Leave it to New York City to welcome back visitors – many for the first time in well over a year – by staging an all-star, mega concert in Central Park! Come join our resilient city and enjoy an afternoon and evening of togetherness with us and our fellow New Yorkers. And while you are here – check out the rest of the city. The ever-knowledgeable staff at BTSQ is here to make sure you see and do all it is that you want to see and do – and perhaps even some things you didn’t know you wanted to see and do! So, give us a call today and let us curate the perfect weekend – or week! – around the “We Love NYC” Homecoming Concert!