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Five Summer Activities in NYC

Five Summer Activities in NYC

Have I mentioned how excited we are here at Beyond Times Square that not only is it finally summer – but also that our amazing city is in full bounce back mode from what is rightly considered its toughest year to date? I’m pretty certain I have mentioned it in a past blog or two – wink, wink – but that’s not going to stop me from re-iterating it every chance I get.

This week’s topic is a compilation of just five of the numerous NYC summer activities that are awaiting you when you venture back to visit us once again. And you know the drill by now – these are just a sampling of possibilities – because – well, space is limited in the blog scene.

Now grab your summer drink of choice, sit back and read on to see what fun activities await you in the Big Apple during the summer of 2021!


Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks

Breaking news! Not a lot of detail on this one yet but Macy’s did officially announce that their beloved 4th of July tradition – those super spectacular fireworks that are also broadcast on live television for all to enjoy – are a go! And even though we are awaiting word of their location – it looks like it will more closely resemble pre-covid celebrations – as opposed to its scaled back version that we saw last year where five-minute shows “popped up” throughout the five bureaus in an effort to curb large gatherings. This year marks the 45th appearance of this phenomenal pyrotechnic display and according to their website is in honor of the everyday heroes across the US as well as that resilient spirit that we all possess. If you haven’t had a chance to catch this dazzling display in person yet, this is surely the year to do so as it is certain to be a heartwarming, emotional and overall good for the soul experience. Afterall – nothing says Happy Birthday America like the grandeur of a good old-fashioned fireworks show –accompanied by celebratory music – lighting up the sky!

A Day at Coney Island

Mention Coney Island and immediately I picture that infamous wooden roller coaster (the Cyclone) as well as the towering Ferris wheel (the Wonder Wheel), I can practically smell the cotton candy, candy apples and French fries and I instantly get a craving for those oh so popular Nathan’s hot dogs that originated here. Did you know that Coney Island is actually home to two amusement parks – Luna Park where that roller coaster lives and Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park where – you guessed it – the Wonder Wheel is the centerpiece. But Coney Island is not just amusements parks. There is the iconic boardwalk they are housed on, there is a beach to catch some rays and waves on, there’s a circus sideshow attraction when you want to escape the heat and the New York Aquarium for some aquatic creature viewing. You can also find shopping, dining, live music and more at Coney Island. Fun Fact: For those of you wondering if Coney Island is actually an island – it was – until the 1930’s when the creek that separated it from the rest of Brooklyn was filled in. Which I suppose technically makes it Coney Peninsula.

NYC by Air, Sea and Land 3

Picnic in Central Park

Looking for a new place to eat this summer where you can dine alfresco? One where you can dress as casual or fancy as you want? One where they will let you dine with no shoes? How about one of the many sprawling lawns housed in that famous location sandwiched in between the Upper East and Upper West sides of Manhattan – Central Park. Yes – you know Central Park as a destination for walkers, joggers, bikers, gardens, fountains and more – but this summer how about partaking in that ages old ritual of having a relaxing meal laid across a blanket as you people watch, listen to music, read or just enjoy the scenery with a butler-serviced picnic courtesy of Beyond Times Square? This personalized picnic is certain to be one of the highlights of your visit to the city! And just as if you were dining at a restaurant, you get to pick the menu – which includes your choice of the best meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies that NYC has to offer – you can even pick out your favorite dessert to end your meal on a sweet note. And the best part is that it will be all set up waiting for you when you arrive and will be cleared away once you depart. Sounds like splendor in the park to me!

Kayaking on the Hudson

How fun would it be to say you kayaked on the Hudson? Well, you can, and you have plenty of options on how to experience this adventure. To start out, if you are a first-time kayaker or maybe just an unsure beginner – you can partake in kayak lessons to bring you up to speed – so no need to prep prior to arrival in the Big Apple. As for the types of trips you can choose from? The options are quite varied and go from probably exactly what you would expect to some that may surprise you. For instance, you can take a simple kayak trip during the day where you will be treated to amazing skyline views that are bound to give you a whole new perspective on the city. Or – you can take the same trip in the evening and watch that skyline light up brilliantly right before your very eyes. You can opt to kayak with a destination in mind – such as a private – and hidden – sandy beach. You can kayak with the end goal being to eat by heading north to Edgewater’s Little Japan where you can grab some yummy sushi or other Japanese fare. You can kayak to check out what is new in the city post-pandemic – such as to the newly opened and extremely unique Little Island for views of its amazing architecture not visible from land. And that’s just to name a few! Heck – you can even take your dog along for a ride – or would that be a float?

Evening at a Rooftop Bar

I have always said there is no better bar than a rooftop bar and it’s certainly no secret that I love me a good rooftop bar. Daytime, evening, weekend, mid-week – winter, spring, summer or fall – they never disappoint. They are absolutely at the top of my favorite NYC summer activities. And summer is definitely my preferred time to frequent one because you get to escape the heat of the city streets and ascend to a point high in the sky where you can enjoy your beverage of choice while taking in incredible city views and perhaps catch a breeze. Bonus – the options for rooftop bars have definitely increased over the years with more and more buildings – hotels in particular – taking that once unused space and creating pub and nightclub atmospheres that can be enjoyed rain or shine. And the views! Ascend to the largest outdoor rooftop garden in NYC – 230 Fifth Rooftop Lounge – for a view of the Empire State Building that beats any photo op you have from the street. Head to The William Vale in Brooklyn – Williamsburg to be exact – and enjoy world class food (from Chef Andrew Carmellini), beverages and views of the Manhattan skyline across the East River. Or perhaps you’d like a seat high above the streets on your own private lawn? The Greens at Pier 17 can offer just that – as well as a fabulous view of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Cheers!


Just like those summer temperatures – things are really starting to heat up in the Big Apple and that includes all those fabulous NYC summer activities! While this is a great start – we both know there are plenty of other opportunities for a good time in Gotham. Need some guidance? That super staff at Beyond Time Square has you covered! Give them a call and start summer of 2021 in style with your favorite luxury travel specialists! P.S. – We cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces back here this summer!