Packing and What To Bring

Portage and luggage trolleys are hard to find, so pack light. Philadelphia is a fairly casual city, although men will need a jacket and tie in some of the better restaurants. Jeans and sneakers or other casual clothing is fine for sightseeing. You'll need a heavy coat and boots for winter, which can be cold and snowy. Summers are hot and humid, but you'll need a shawl or jacket for air-conditioned restaurants. Many areas are best explored on foot, so bring good walking shoes.


Philadelphia has two delightful seasons: spring and autumn. In spring the city's ornamental fruit trees are blossoming, and its many gardens are in bloom. Summers can be uncomfortably hot and humid. By autumn most of the summer crowds have left and you can enjoy the sights in peace.

Winter weather is mild by East Coast standards, but a handful of modest snowstorms each year bring this southern city to a standstill.

Philadelphia Weather

Temperatures are expressed in Farenheit Degrees.


Philadelphia is in the Eastern time zone. It's 3 hours ahead of Los Angeles, 1 hour ahead of Chicago, 5 hours behind London, and 15 hours behind Sydney.