A Bronx Tale

Sightseeing and Attractions: (Duration: 4 hours with a Licensed NYC Tour Guide)

The Bronx still surprises even native New Yorkers.  Most notably known for its world-famous baseball team, it also has beaches, a New England fishing village, a globally recognized zoo, a botanical garden, and countless historic sites.  Over the years, it has been home to Tony Curtis, Anne Bancroft, Edgar Allen Poe, Colin Powell, and Ralph Lauren, as well as the many different immigrant groups that have shaped the borough.  Step into the Bronx where you and your guide will weave yourselves into yet another thread of the fabric of New York.

Highlights include:

-       Yankee Stadium (tour can be included)

-       Bronx Zoo (entrance can be included)

-       Arthur Avenue (the real Little Italy)

-       City Island

-       Wave Hill (entrance and/or tour can be included)

-       New York Botanical Garden (entrance and/or tour can be included)


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