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Most Recent Trip: solo trip to Vietnam

Favorite Trip Experience: it's impossible for me to pick one. Skydiving above Mission Beach in Australia, visiting the Angkor Temples in Cambodia, staying in a remote lodge in Northern Vietnam or staying a few days on l'Ile aux Lievres in Quebec.

Next trip: Who knows? Bhutan, Iceland, Kenya, etc.

Dream Destination: Australia...but I used to live there so does that count? Otherwise, I'd say Iceland.

What you never travel without: my passport and my camera.

 Top 5 things to do in NYC:

- Admire the view from Top of the Rock

- Walk on the High Line

- See a Broadway show

- Explore Greenwich Village

- Walking through Central Park in the Spring or the Fall

Favorite NYC Neighborhood: Lower East Side and Greenwich Village.

Favorite attraction/landmark/building: Chrysler Building and the High Line.

Favorite Hidden Gem: Pomander Walk and the Cloisters.

Favorite food/restaurant: Souvlaki GR in the Lower East Side, Sushi Samba in the West Village.

Best thing to do in NYC on a rainy day: if you're travelling with children, you should take them to the American Museum of Natural History. Otherwise, going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is always a good option, shopping is another one.

Best thing to do in NYC on a snowy day: if you're a photography lover, get out of your hotel room and go to Greenwich Village or Central Park to take awesome photos. If you don't want to be out in the cold, go explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Tip for people travelling to NYC for the first time: Get lost! And I don't mean that in the mean way. Get off the beaten track. At some point during the day, keep your city map at the bottom of your backpack and just explore the city on your own without worrying where you might end up. You can't really get lost in NYC anyway so don't worry! Getting off the beaten track is the best way to discover places you would have never found out otherwise..and to meet new people. Those make the best travel memories, trust me!

Also..wear comfortable shoes! You'll most likely be doing a lot of walking during your trip so pack wisely!

Do not leave New York without...: without doing something that was not on your "list".

Something people don’t know about NYC: in the lobby of the office building at 520 Madison Avenue is an unexpected piece of history: five sections of the actual Berlin Wall! If you're in the area, go check it out, everyone is allowed to enter the building and admire it!

Favorite Travel Quote:  “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag