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Graffiti Art Walking Tour

Sightseeing and Attractions: 

Walking Tour

Simply put this is the best tour in Manhattan. Start with a visit to Jean-Michel Basquiat's old studio and the old home of the CBGB Rock Venue. This tour uses today’s biggest artists to give you a broad sense of both the graffiti and street art world. See street artists like Shepard Fairey (creator of Obama’s Hope poster), ROA, Nick Walker, JR.

This tour is in and around the Bowery area of Manhattan.

The tour will be guided by an expert guide on graffiti art. 

Workshop (Optional)

  • Learn the technical skills graffiti artists need to create graffiti art during this private workshop
  • Your graffiti artist will provide a lesson, paint, tarps, stencils, and a plain T-shirt
  • You can also create graffiti art on your own article of clothing 
  • Graffiti workshops are run by working graffiti artists and done at the highest level of integrity and art



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