1) Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off-Broadway..what's the difference?

Generally theatres located between 41st and 54th Streets between 6th and 8th Avenues and that have more than 499 seats will be in the Broadway category. If a theatre has less than 499 seats but more than 99 seats, and in/or is outside the geographical Broadway area, it will be in the Off-Broadway category. A theatre that has less than 100 seats will generally be in the Off-Off Broadway category.

2) What type of seats can I purchase?

Generally, Broadway theatres are divided into 3 sections: Orchestra, Mezzanine and Balcony. Each section offers different seat categories (seat categories may vary): Orchestra = Premium (usually the first 15 rows of the Orchestra section), Regular Orchestra Mezzanine = Front Mezzanine, Mezzanine, Rear Mezzanine Balcony = Balcony

3) What is the usual run time for a Broadway show?

Broadway musicals usually run anywhere between 2 hours 30 minutes and 2 hours 45 minutes (including a 15-minute intermission). Broadway plays usually run anywhere between 90 minutes and 3 hours. Some plays do not include an intermission.

4) Can you arrange for a car to pick me up before and/or after a Broadway performance?

Yes we can. We have vehicles of all sizes that can take you to and from your Broadway show.

5) What is "Dark Monday"?

Traditionally, Broadway theatres are closed on Mondays. Some shows (3 or 4) still have Monday evening performances.

6) Where are Broadway theatres located?

The vast majority of them are located in what is called the "Theatre District". The theatre district spans approximately from 6th to 8th Avenues between 41st and 54th Streets.

7) Are there tours of the Theatre District?

Certainly! We have tours that focus on exclusively on the Theatre District and of course Broadway. You will learn about the legends that helped move the Broadway Theatre District from its 1800's beginnings in the Herald Square north to Times Square and so much more. Contact us for more details.

8) Can I visit a Broadway theatre?

Absolutely! The stunning New Amsterdam Theatre, where Aladdin is currently playing, is the only theatre that opens its doors for group tours but also private tours. Contact us for more details.

9) What about a post-show Backstage experience? Can that be arranged?

This is an awesome experience. After seeing the performance of your choice, be escorted backstage and see the real deal behind the scenes of a Broadway production. Your escort will even make the rounds with you to meet some of the cast members and take some photos. Contact us for more details.

10) I have always dreamt of feeling like a Broadway star! Can you make that happen!

We sure can! First, rehease the vocal with a Broadway musical director in a rehearsal studio. Get coaching and learn tricks of the trade. Then, get on your feet to learn the choreography with a Broadway pro. Finally, step into the spotlight and blow away friends and family! Contact us for more details.